School Project

While working in Northern Namibia, Dr. Colvard began to see the desperate condition of the local school children, thousands of whom had lost their parents to the AIDS epidemic. To meet the needs of these children, our mission expanded help to provide shelter, food and educational supplies to over a thousand poor and vulnerable children at the Mwadinomho.


Pup’s Quest™

The most pressing problem facing the children today is the quality of their education. For a variety of reasons, the children’s scores in standardized testing at Mwadinomho School, especially in reading, are uniformly poor. English is the national language of Namibia, yet literacy rates in English among poorer children throughout Namibia and other underdeveloped nations in Africa are abysmally low.

Understanding the gravity of this situation, Dr. Colvard introduced to this remote school a new state-of-the–art iPad-based reading program, developed by Dr. Colvard’s son, Matthew Colvard, a computer software developer. Created under the guidance of the Emmy award winning producer of children’s animation, Mr. Phil Roman, and a group of highly talented young writers, animators, and computer programmers, Pup’s Quest™ Is a comprehensive, research-based phonics program that teaches reading, writing and spelling in a way that is fun and engaging for young children. The program underwent highly successful beta-testing in Los Angeles schools last year and is currently in pilot studies in over 30 schools in Los Angeles area.

Food Project

Through your support, we have created a sustainable farm at Mwadinomo School in Oshakati, where the students, teachers and local villagers help to raise vegetables and fruit to provide a reliable, constant source of nutrition for the children.